Android and iOS Versions of the Lake Observer Mobile App Ready for Beta Testing

The Lake Observer mobile app is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play. Links to both have been activated on the website Home page, and download and installation instructions can be found on the Download page. A user guide is coming soon!

Lake Observer was developed by members of the Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network (GLEON) for research scientists and citizen scientists to record lake and water quality observations. Lake Observer is part of a crowdsourcing platform to facilitate the collection and sharing of lake- and water-related information across the globe.

The app is being made available just in time for the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) Secchi Dip-in, an annual event during Lakes Appreciation month in July. NALMS and the US Environmental Protection Agency have partnered with us to test the GLEON Lake Observer app during the Secchi Dip-in. Trained monitoring volunteers from Indiana and Rhode Island will use the app to enter Secchi depth and water quality data during the Dip-in event. We hope it will facilitate data collection for this important citizen science project, which now has more than 20 years of data. We're looking forward to feedback about the app from such a dedicated group of lake enthusiasts!

Posted 2015-07-03 02:59:03